Video conferencing applications

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

With Work from anywhere being the new normal, business for productivity and collaboration applications is booming.

Team meetings whether formal or water cooler conversations are now fully virtual with video conferencing applications. Due to attending multiple meetings via video conferencing employees are facing a kind of fatigue known as 'virtual meeting fatigue'. Planning ahead, taking breaks in between meetings or having important meetings earlier in the day are some the ways to beat it.

Here is our take on what features an ideal video conferencing application should have:

Video conferencing has a lot of highly sensitive information shared, the applications should make sure the security protocols used must be on par with the current standard.

Full screen mode option for mobiles and tablets. This ensures the meeting display screen having people on the call or presentation can be viewed comfortably.

Addition of a 360 degree conference camera with the highest resolution to the applications can change a simple meeting into a smart virtual meeting room.

Integrations with smart home assistants could allow users to control calls with voice commands.

Inbuilt date and time picker that will allow participants of a virtual meeting to choose their next availability so that an optimum time for the next meeting can be calculated by an algorithm and invites sent automatically.

Want to explain the complex workflow to your team ? A built-in or third party integration of virtual whiteboard could make brainstorming sessions fruitful.

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