Mobile applications for Conferences

With the proliferation of technologies conferences are rising in numbers all over the world across industries and locations.

Conferences today have exclusive mobile applications which the delegates/participants can download and use. The mobile application can have the entire agenda ,map for navigating through stalls, local city tour information as well as accommodation details.

Since this is a gathering of large number of people there is a high probability of losing things as well as misplacing them. A forum can be built within the application to post lost and found.

Additionally, city maps zone wise, list of local transportation apps, list of places to find amazing food can add value as most conferences have people travelling from other places to the venue of the conference and this could be a different country altogether.

The emergency section can feature all the local emergency numbers along with contact details of the organizers ensuring health and safety issues could be addressed immediately


Products and service offerings are featured via stalls or demos which often require flyers/handouts/banners or any other sales marketing material. It is common to fall short of these so, the app would even have services listed to get this done.

Hosting a conference ? get in touch with for a mobile application on the go.

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