Education in the Times of Corona

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Earlier this year educational institutions all around world were shut down to contain the spread of novel corona virus.Virtual classes were conducted to ensure that learning never stopped.Some countries are even considering continuing to run virtual classes until the danger of Covid-19 has passed or a vaccine is available.

Schools began adopting technology at a rapid pace for:

  • Giving lectures via video

  • Online attendance tracking

  • Setting up and conducting tests & exams

  • Managing different departments

To improve student engagement the following features in any EdTech application can be included:

  • An option for students to work in teams to solve the quizzes and build projects that will develop a collaborative spirit.

  • Provided subtitles for live as well as pre-made lectures to ensure background noises[due to remote session] do not hinder the lesson.

  • Ability to integrate ex-plainer videos[animated] to the lecture for complex topics, these videos typically are available for free.

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