Updated: Aug 9, 2020

Education technology is EdTech in short. This space has opened new avenues and gave the act of learning the much needed breakthrough.

EdTech is the result of technology driven change.

Schools, colleges and universities are making heavy use of technology in the form of mobile or web applications, integrating with machine learning and mixed reality(AR/VR).

Let's see below how EdTech is being used in various ways:

1) Student and teacher attendance monitoring using bio-metric systems

2) Maintaining student profile - from academics to extra curricular activities and sharing the same report with parents

3) Online assessments and scoring with an analysis on what topics in a subject needs improvement in terms of classroom teaching with the help of machine learning.

5) Incorporating gamification approach within lesson/course modules to engage learners.

6) Creative and engaging storytelling using Augmented reality i.e think of fairytales re- imagined for kids

7) Breaking down complex topics with visualization in the form of 3D videos and AR/VR

8) Availability of learning modules in mobile , tablet and desktop format ensuring learning happens on the go no matter the device used.

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