E-commerce : re-use packaging material

In Current process of a typical e-commerce transaction, a customer visits a website, browses through products,makes a payment for product and this product is delivered to the door step of the customer.

Delivering the product is made in eco-friendly packaging or carboard boxes depending on the type of product ordered.

The Problem :

In the Indian subcontinent deliveries of e-commerce orders are made in cardboard boxes to some extent, the boxes are recyclable however, the burden is on the customer to dispose/re-use/re-cycle.

The cardboard boxes are used so that if an order contains more than 1 item it can be packed together and also for easy transit as products are shipped from different geographic locations to the end customer.

The Solution:

When a customer receives such an order in a cardboard box, what if the products are given to the customer at their doorstep and the cardboard box is taken back by the delivery agent right at the time of delivery for re-use.

This could save money for e-commerce companies, re-use happens for sure and the customers are happy.

However, this can be applicable for orders where the customer present in person to receive the order

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